Chocolate Marshmallow Fruit Candy Recipe

Chocolate Marshmallow Fruit Candy

Happy February! Yes, I’m pinching myself because how in the world can we already be a month into 2017?! However it happened, it’s here, and I’m looking forward to celebrating the holiday of love: Valentine’s Day!

I think we could all use a little extra love and kindness in our lives these days so today I am sharing a super quick recipe for chocolate marshmallow fruit candy that can be packaged up into sweet little wrappings and passed out to your friends, co-workers, classmates, or even strangers on the street. I for one have not outgrown the love of a Valentine I think even your grown-up friends will appreciate a bit of sweetness.


Chocolate Marshmallow Valentine's Day Candy

Chocolate Marshmallow Valentine's Day Candy

Chocolate, Fruit and Marshmallow Candy

These candies are crazy easy to make and take just 3 ingredients: chocolate, Campfire® mini white marshmallows, and dried fruit. I used dried tart cherries and diced dried mango for the fruit, but you can use your favorites. The marshmallows add a touch of softness and sweetness which is just right paired with the semi-sweet chocolate.

These candies are the perfect size to package up and give to friends. I am crushing hard on these little graph paper pouches I found on Etsy that are awesome for a school Valentine’s treat. The packages can be personalized with little notes and stickers and of course, 1 sweet chocolate marshmallow fruit candy!

Valentine's Day Candy

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Recipe by: JellyToast