Roasting Tips

There’s not much better than gathering family and friends together around the glowing coals of an outdoor fire to enjoy perfectly roasted marshmallows—and deliciously good times!

  • A low fire or hot coals provide the best conditions for roasting marshmallows!
  • Use a “fire safe” tool when roasting marshmallows over an open fire.
  • Prevent accidents and set rules with the kids – keep a safe distance from the fire pit and no running!
  • Have all your s’more ingredients ready before you start roasting!
  • Parents – hot coals and Giant Roasters make for a great date night!

How to Make a
Perfect S'more

Step 1
Place chocolate bar on graham cracker.
Step 2
Carefully roast marshmallows over grill or campfire . . . kids, make sure there is an adult to help with this part!
Step 3
Place toasted marshmallow on the chocolate bar and gently press second graham cracker over top.
Step 4
Devour immediately and enjoy your gooey, sweet, classic treat!
Step 5
Don’t forget to share with a friend!!!

For S'more Outdoor Fun!

Cherry Almond S'mores


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