Campfire Stories

Gather the family and spend some time together around the fire
sharing these fun and entertaining campfire stories!

Vinder Viper Job

A man rented an old home on a quiet hill in the middle of the woods. He had no neighbors to speak of, and was looking forward to peace and quiet. About a week after he moved in, he received a phone call. “I am the Vinder Viper,” the voice on the end of the…

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On the Train Job

A boy was on a long train ride to visit his grandparents. Across the aisle from him was a neatly dressed older man, wearing a crisp grey hat and glasses. The boy noticed that he carried a briefcase, and that he looked grumpy. A minute later, the man opened his briefcase and took out two…

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Bobby’s Summer Job

Bobby needed a summer job to save some money to go away to college. One day, while telling a neighbor about how he was looking for a job, the neighbor invited him to do a little work at the zoo. “We have a situation,” he said. “We need a little help for a couple days….

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The Rope’s Trick

A rope really wanted to go to an amusement park. He wanted to ride the rides, eat cotton candy, and play the carnival games. He was so excited, and on the day he decided to go, he set out early to be there before the park even opened so he wouldn’t miss any of the…

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The Ant and the Grasshopper (Aesop’s Fables)

One warm, sunny day, a grasshopper was bounding through the fields. He was happy, and sang a song as he jumped. As he got tired, he decided to lay down on a warm rock in the sunshine and watch the clouds. Just then, an ant passed by, working very hard to carry an ear of…

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How the Raccoon Got His Coat (Native American)

Many years ago, Raccoon looked different than he does today. He used to be all silver, smooth from nose to the tip of his tail. This is the story of how all that changed. Raccoon was heading home after a night of hunting when he passed Raven’s home in the forest. Raccoon noticed that Raven…

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Stone Soup (French/Hungarian/etc.)

A traveler had been walking for many days when he came upon a village. The traveler was hungry and tired, but had nothing to eat, and had no money. What he did have was a cooking pot, and so he set out to make the best of things. He built a small cooking fire just…

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The Chipmunk’s Stripes (Native American)

Once upon a time, when animals could talk, a bear was walking through the woods. This big, strong bear was much like other bears – he thought he was pretty important. “I can do anything,” Bear mumbled to himself as he foraged for food. Just then, tiny Chipmunk overheard him, and feeling bold said, “Really?…

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The Secret Treasure of Donovan Road

Mary used to spend summers with her grandmother in an old house by the sea. They used to pass the time in the evenings telling stories. Mary’s favorite story was a story about secret treasure hidden in a house nearby. “Less than a mile away,” her grandmother would tell her, “there are riches beyond your…

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Giant Red Mouth

Timmy was out for a walk one day when he got lost. He started to backtrack, to try to find his way home, when suddenly it began to rain. The rain came pouring down, bucketfuls of water, and Timmy was quickly getting soaked. He started to run, still not quite knowing where to go. He…

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