Spooky Stories

These spooky stories are filled with mysteries, secrets and suspense—that will leave you guessing ‘til the very end!

Bobby’s Summer Job

Bobby needed a summer job to save some money to go away to college. One day, while telling a neighbor about how he was looking for a job, the neighbor invited him to do a little work at the zoo. “We have a situation,” he said. “We need a little help for a couple days….

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Giant Red Mouth

Timmy was out for a walk one day when he got lost. He started to backtrack, to try to find his way home, when suddenly it began to rain. The rain came pouring down, bucketfuls of water, and Timmy was quickly getting soaked. He started to run, still not quite knowing where to go. He…

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The Secret Treasure of Donovan Road

Mary used to spend summers with her grandmother in an old house by the sea. They used to pass the time in the evenings telling stories. Mary’s favorite story was a story about secret treasure hidden in a house nearby. “Less than a mile away,” her grandmother would tell her, “there are riches beyond your…

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S'more Kitchen Fun

Grilled Pineapple S'mores


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