Bobby’s Summer Job

Bobby needed a summer job to save some money to go away to college. One day, while telling a neighbor about how he was looking for a job, the neighbor invited him to do a little work at the zoo. “We have a situation,” he said. “We need a little help for a couple days. If it goes well, I might be able to get you working there full time.” Bobby was excited and agreed to show up the next day.

In the morning, Bobby arrived at the zoo and found his neighbor. “Here’s the situation. Our gorilla has a touch of the flu, and is resting in our gorilla house, away from the zoo visitors. But lots of people come here every day to see the gorilla, and I don’t want them to leave disappointed. I have this gorilla costume. I’d like you to wear it, and sit in the gorilla enclosure. No one will know the difference.”

Bobby thought that sounded easy enough, so he put on the gorilla suit and climbed into the gorilla exhibit. After an hour or two of people staring at him, he started to get bored. He started to pound his chest, or scratch his head. The zoo visitors would ooh, aah, and laugh at him. So he started to think of other ways to entertain them. Before long, he was swinging on a vine. The higher he swung, the more the people liked it. Soon they were clapping and taking pictures. Bobby thought he was doing a great job. “At this rate, I’m sure to get a full-time job,” he thought.

Just then, he swung a little too high. He lost his grip on the vine and went tumbling into the next pen. As he sat up, he saw a lion creeping towards him. Bobby was scared, and as the lion got closer he started to beg him – “Wait, I’m not what you think!”

The lion closed in and Bobby thought he was done for. Bobby was begging for his life. The lion got right up to his nose.

Just then Bobby heard a voice whisper, “Quit your screaming or you’ll get us both fired.”

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