Marshmallow Candy Apples

Cinnamon Marshmallow Candy Apples

As far as we’re concerned, no Halloween party is complete without delicious candy apples. Sure, you can bob for apples, but that makes it easy to turn guests into soppy messes, instead of smiling faces.

Candy apples are the far superior choice, obviously. First of all, there’s candy. And apples. And there’s lots and lots of cinnamon. What a delicious choice to make.

Cinnamon candies make a suitably spooky red candy coating that will shine on your Halloween party dessert table. Just imagine them all lined up on a spooktacular serving tray, just waiting to be devoured.


Cinnamon Marshmallow Candy Apples

Bet you never thought to use marshmallows to make candy apples, but boy, should you! Creating that sticky-sweet coating couldn’t be easier. If you’re a fan of candy apples, this marshmallow-y version is right up your alley. Cinnamon adds a spicy, autumnal flavor that no one will be able to resist.

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