Mini Marshmallow Poinsettia Bouquet

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Yields1 bouquet
Prep Time30 minutes
Total Time30 minutes


2 1/2 Cups Campfire Mini Marshmallows
1/2 cup red and/or white nonpareils or decorating sugar
9 mini cupcakes (any flavor) with paper or foil liners on
1/2 Cup canned frosting (any flavor)
1 Tablespoon pale yellow pearl candies

1 small flower pot
1 Cup dried beans (to weigh pot down)
1 half circle shape piece of styrofoam (small enough to fit just inside the mouth of the pot)
18 toothpicks
2 sheets dark green tissue paper


Get into the holiday spirit with this sweet little recipe for a gorgeous poinsettia bouquet made from Campfire Mini Marshmallows. A great little recipe to share with neighbors, a loved one, or to use as a cute centerpiece for your holiday table.

With the scissors, snip each mini marshmallow in half on the diagonal to form the poinsettia petals.

Dip the cut side of the marshmallows into the nonpareils or decorative sugar.

Frost each mini cupcake, making sure to frost all the way to the edges.

Stick the mini marshmallow petals all the way around the perimeter of the tops of the cupcakes. Then, place another row of petals in front of the first row to fill in the flower.

Sprinkle the yellow pearl candies into the centers of the flowers.

Fill the flower pot with beans to weigh it down. Place the styrofoam half circle into the top of the pot, dome side up.

Place nine toothpicks into the styrofoam dome where you’d like the poinsettias to be placed. Then, stick the poinsettias onto the toothpicks. If needed, place additional toothpicks under and to the sides of the cupcakes to support them.

Cut the tissue paper into strips, roll the strips up, and use them to fill in the gaps between the cupcakes. Fan out the tissue paper to make it look like leaves.


Recipe by: Shauna Havey – Roy, UT

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