Marshmallow Rainbow

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prep time: 10 minutes
total time: 30 minutes
makes: 1 rainbow

what you’ll need:

1 Bag of Campfire® Flavored Mini Marshmallows
1 Bag of Regular Campfire® Marshmallows
Large Sheets of White Paper
Non-Toxic Tacky Craft Glue

how you’ll do it:

Start by sorting out the bag of flavored mini marshmallows in different bowls/containers by their color.

Take your sheet of white paper and draw a rainbow with puffy clouds (adults may need to help the little ones out with this step). Carefully cutout your rainbow and begin to assemble it.

Start by placing the regular sized marshmallows at either end of the rainbow for the fluffy clouds with the glue. Put 4 lines of glue down and begin placing the different colored marshmallows on each line (you may want to put only 1 line of glue down at a time so that they do not dry before they are completed).

Once your done let it dry on a flat surface.

additional notes:

Try making different sized rainbows. Start with ones that are 4 rows then try and make a large one that is 8 rows!

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