Marshmallow Rainbow Craft

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prep time: 10 minutes
total time: 30 minutes
makes: 6-10 clouds

what you’ll need:

Campfire Mini Marshmallows
White card stock
Glue stick
Colored Ribbon or Streamers

how you’ll do it:

Using the white cardstock, cut out bubbly cloud shapes at any size you desire

Cut colored ribbon into 6″ – 12″ strips

On one side of the cloud, apply a strip of glue and adhere the sections of ribbon in the order of a rainbow (ROYGBV)

Once the glue has dried and the ribbons are secure, apply glue generously to the opposite side, covering all areas

Here comes the fun part! Take as many mini marshmallows as you’d like to create you fluffy cloud

Press the marshmallows firmly onto the glue coated paper, let dry and enjoy!

additional notes:

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