Giant Roaster Jack-O-Lanterns

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Yields12 servings
Prep Time8 minutes
Total Time20 minutes


12 Campfire® Giant Roasters marshmallows
8 ounces of white chocolate, almond bark, or candy melts
3 teaspoons shortening
4 pretzel rods
Orange, green and black food coloring


To create the pumpkin stem, break each pretzel rod in to three pieces (12 total pieces). Push a pretzel stick piece into the center of each marshmallow; set marshmallows aside on a piece of wax/parchment paper.

Melt white chocolate and shortening according to package directions. Once the chocolate is melted divide into three dishes, add food coloring to each dish (one color for each dish), stir until completely incorporated.

Spoon colored chocolate into individual zip-lock bags, push chocolate down to one corner of bag, seal bag closed; then cut the corner tip off each bag to allow the chocolate to flow. The flow size will depend on the size of the hole you snip from the corner.

Time to decorate –

Hold the top of the pretzel and turn the marshmallow slowly while drawing orange lines, starting at the top of the marshmallow to the bottom. Use the black colored chocolate to make your jack-o-lantern face. Then use the green to make leaves; squeeze chocolate from the bag using a side-by-side motion while tapering outward for the end of the leaf.

Optional –

Use pre-made frosting or gel that comes in easy-to-apply tubes.

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