Frosted Igloo and Snowman

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prep time: 15 minutes
total time: 35 minutes
makes: Unlimited

what you’ll need:

1 Large Bag of Campfire Mini Marshmallows
2 Regular Sized Marshmallows
1 Can of Aerosol White Frosting
1 Styrofoam Cup
Plastic Wrap
Masking Tape
Tooth Picks
Cake Decorating Markers
Paper Plate

how you’ll do it:

Take the Styrofoam cup and place it upside down on the table, cut about a third of the way down so that you have two separate pieces. Take the piece you just cut and lay it on it’s side on the table next to the other part (small side facing out) of the cup to create a “rough” shape of the igloo. Using the masking tape, put the two pieces together so that they are secure and won’t fall apart. Wrap the whole structure with the plastic wrap or you can use aluminum foil and place it on a paper plate. Now you have the base of the igloo ready for the marshmallow!

Open up a bag of Campfire Mini Regular Marshmallows and let the fun begin! With the can of aerosol white frosting in one hand and mini marshmallows in the other, start laying them down in a “brick and mortar” fashion from the bottom up. Once the whole structure is covered with marshmallows and icing, place it in the freezer for 20 minutes to allow for the frosting to set and firm up.

While the igloo in the in freezer let’s make some fantastically fun snowmen to live in the igloo! Put two regular sized marshmallows together with icing in the middle and push into the sides the tooth picks so that they look like arms. If you wish to eat your little creations then use cake decorating markers to make a fun or silly face. If you don’t plan on eating them, then just use any markers to draw on a face.

Once 20 minutes have passed, remove the igloo from the freezer and carefully lift it from the plate and turn it over. Begin removing the Styrofoam cup and plastic wrap from inside the igloo. If the igloo become soft and distorted just place it back in the freezer for a couple of minutes to firm it back up. Once all of the plastic wrap and cup have been removed turn it back over and place it on you plate. Take your little snowmen friends and have fun!

additional notes:

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