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Cherry Brownie S’mores

prep times: 15 minutes
cook time: 50 minutes
makes: 9 s'mores


1 9×9-inch pan of your favorite brownies, baked and cooled
9 milk or dark chocolate squares
9 Campfire® Cherry Roasters
1 cup cherry pie filling


Slice 9×9-inch pan of brownies into 9 equal servings.

Slice each brownie serving in half horizontally, directly through the centers of the brownies, so each brownie is now two thinner brownies.

Place a chocolate square on 9 brownie halves. Top each chocolate square with a roasted Campfire® Cherry Roasters.

Add cherry pie filling to each marshmallow and top with the remaining brownie halves.


We used a circular cookie cutter to create circular s’mores.
You’ll definitely need a fork to devour these delicious s’mores.

Recipe by My Baking Addiction


"This might be my new favorite summer treat!"

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