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Brownie Strawberry S’mores

Brownie Bite Strawberry S'mores
prep times: 10 minutes
cook time: 40 minutes
makes: 16 servings


Brownie, cut into small bite sized pieces

Fresh strawberries, halved

Campfire® marshmallows


Prepare and bake brownies, using the recipe or boxed mix of your choice.  Once fully cooled, cut into bite sized pieces

Remove strawberry stems, then cut strawberries in half (or into large pieces)

Add a few brownie bites and strawberries to small bowls

Roast marshmallows to desired doneness over an open fire.  Add marshmallows to bowls of brownie and strawberry and enjoy immediately


Recipe By: GloriousTreats

"Brownies, fresh strawberries and roasted marshmallows create the best s'mores inspired treat ever! - Glory"

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