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Marshmallow Safari Animals
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prep time: 10
total time: 20+
makes: As many as you'd like

what you’ll need

1 Bag of Campfire Giant Roasters Marshmallows
1 Bag of Campfire Mini Marshmallows
1 Bag of Campfire Regular Marshmallows
Wooden Skewers
Construction Paper

how you’ll do it

The important thing is to use your imagination! Follow these instructions to create the safari animals shown here and use your imagination to create countless others!

Place 4 regular sized marshmallows in a group close together for the legs and either use craft glue or toothpicks, secure a Giant Roaster for the body.
Using different colored construction paper, cut out shapes for the tail, ears and nose. Attach them by glue or toothpick and then place a regular sized marshmallow for the head. Add some eyes with markers and your done.

Take 4 toothpicks and place 3 mini marshmallows on them so that some of the toothpick is still showing. Stick those 4 toothpick feet into a regular sized marshmallow to make the body. Using construction paper and scissors cutout shapes for the tail and mane. Take another regular sized marshmallow and toothpick and place that into the body for the head. Use markers to decorate the face of your lion.

Using a wooden skewer, begin by placing mini marshmallows length wise on it with the last one put on width wise for the head. Use the rest of the skewer and push that into a regular sized marshmallow for the head, neck and body. Following the same style as the lion, create your giraffe 4 legs. Use construction paper for the tale and clip the ends off of a toothpick to make a set of horns.

extra ideas

See what crazy and wild creatures you can create by using all types of Campfire Marshmallows. Create a funky monkey using Fruitswilers and Flavored Mini’s or make a Zebra using the dark chocolate covered Marshmallow Zebras!

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  1. cristian says:

    This is what I have created with you products


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