No Bake Cookie Dough S'mores Cheesecakes in individual serving dishes

No Bake Cookie Dough S’mores Cheesecake

Cookie Dough S’mores Cheesecakes are a no-bake treat that combines everyone’s favorite desserts into one. Get the family gathered around the campfire to finish these off with a perfectly toasted giant marshmallow! I seriously can’t wrap my head around the fact that it is already August. I have no idea where the summer went, but

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Toasted Hazelnut S'mores with hazelnuts in the background

Toasted Hazelnut S’mores

Toasted Hazelnut S’mores are a fun summer treat made with waffle cookies, chocolate hazelnut spread, and gooey marshmallows. Don’t forget to add a few extra toasted hazelnuts! It feels so good to be in June! The weather is cooperating for the most part and I’m here for it. I never want to rush our way

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Chocolate Covered Caramel S'mores with once cut open

Chocolate Covered Caramel S’mores

Chocolate covered caramel s’mores – because you can’t have too many ways to eat roasted marshmallows! I have this obsession with going to Disney World. Weird, because I’ve only been twice as an adult. But one trip was enough to fall completely in love. We took the kids for the first time 3 years ago

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blondies with marshmallows on top

Gluten Free Blondie S’mores

One of my favorite things about Campfire marshmallows is the fact that they are free from major allergens, including gluten! With more and more children becoming sensitive to gluten, it’s great to have a dessert ready to go that can be enjoyed by everyone. These gluten free blondie s’mores are simple to make with the

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S'mores with Cashews and caramel sauce

Caramel Cashew S’mores

It’s officially s’mores season! And while s’mores are a traditional and much beloved camp dessert (Hello! CAMPFIRE marshmallows!) s’mores can be turned up a notch for something a little ‘fancier’. Now, don’t worry! I’m not here to take away the ease and comfort of a classic s’more. No, sir. I’m here to show you one

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