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Slimer and Stay Puft Ghostbusters S’mores

Ghostbusters Marshmallow Slimer and Stay Puft Man S'mores
prep times: 5 minutes
cook time: 5 minutes
makes: 2 s'mores


2 Campfire Ghostbusters Marshmallows, one of each
2 Graham crackers, broken in half1 milk chocolate bar


Roast Campfire Ghostbusters Marshmallows until gooey and toasted to your liking

Place 1-2 pieces of milk chocolate onto one half of graham cracker

Top with a roasted marshmallow and gently press down with other half of graham cracker

Be sure to let cool slightly and enjoy!

Let’s roast him!

"Now I can roast Slimer and Stay Puft Man in my own backyard! Love it!"

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